Most frequent questions and answers

Although it can seem like a good idea to try and teach your own child how to drive, we find that new drivers respond better to a professional instructor, with a structured lesson plan.

VR7UAL Academy doesn’t just offer Ministry-Approved training at an affordable price, we offer technology forward, simulated training methods as well. These methods are proven to build muscle memory, and are designed to build confidence in new drivers.

Yes. Our online Beginner Driver Education is approved and complies with all regulations set forth by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario,

Choosing to take your classroom training online provides you with complete flexibility and convenience to complete your training on your schedule, wherever you want to do it. You also have the ability to access the course material for review, in order to better prepare yourself for your road tests and reinforce what you’ve learned.

After completing a Ministry Approved BDE Course, you may become eligible to receive a discount through your insurance provider. Each insurance provider is different and will have their own policy with regards to discounted rates. You will need to contact your provider directly to get more information.

We have a 24 hour cancellation/re-scheduling policy.

Any lesson booking that is cancelled or re-scheduled within 24 hours of the lesson time will be subject to a $35 fee.